The Benefits of Multigenerational Living in Vancouver

Multigenerational living – where two or three generations of a family are living in the same household – is becoming more common in Vancouver, and across Canada.

Living under the same roof with family members of different ages has proven to be incredibly beneficial. Here are just a few of the benefits of multigenerational living:

1. Financial expenses can be shared

It’s no surprise that household expenses, monthly bills and the general cost of living continue to increase.

With the help of several adult incomes, these expenses can be much more bearable. That’s why multigenerational living can contribute positively to the household finances – taking a load of pressure off of just one or two adults.

2. Household responsibilities can be divided up

We all know that it takes a lot of work to run a household! There are several duties, like cooking and cleaning, that may need to be done every single day.

Having more people in the household means there are more helping hands. Each person can take care of their fair share of duties or even work together on specific tasks.

The more hands that are on deck, the less overwhelmed and tired each person will feel!

3. Relationships will be strengthened

Although sharing finances and household responsibilities are popular reasons for multigenerational living, many people often find this living situation a better way to stay close to their loved ones.

When you live in separate households, it may be hard to find time to see each other or connect. Although when more family members are under the same roof, you’ll find more time to connect, share memories with one another and lean on each other for constant support.

4. Safety will be increased

With more people in your home, you are bound to feel safer. There will be more individuals to keep an eye out on the house and take care of one another.

When you have children or seniors living with you, having more people around can better ensure their safety as well.

5. Ease of caring for kids and seniors

If you’re raising kids or have aging relatives that live with you, having more people at home can help with their caretaking.

It’ll be easier to create a flexible schedule for taking turns in caring for kids and seniors. The responsibilities wouldn’t always have to fall on one or two people – leaving every adult more time for professional and personal activities.

6. More people means more support

Having more people around can help you feel less lonely and have a stronger sense of community. You’ll have more people ready to support you, encourage you and lend a helping hand when you need it.

Multigenerational living has become more common, which means that the types of homes that are popular have changed. More people are looking for larger houses, multiple bedrooms and flexible spaces.

That’s why working with a real estate team is important – the right team will have the expertise to find you a home that works for every person who will be living in it.

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