In The House Podcast - Building a Successful Real Estate Team With Your Spouse

In today’s fast paced real estate industry even the most high producing realtors face constant challenges balancing and prioritizing sales production, family time, and me-time. So, how does one function in a top producing team when their real estate team consists of their life partner as well?! Mary and Konstantin (Team Kleiner) and Angela and Chris (Dinnell Real Estate Group) are powerful husband & wife real estate teams capitalizing on each other’s strengths. A consistent theme for both these highly productive teams is creating clear boundaries for clients, work flows and family time.

Both teams explain how their families work together to reach their mutual goals and reap the rewards. At the root of their successes are effective communication, strong core values, involvement in community and creative processes on digital media to align with their ideal client bases. These teams perfectly illustrate that there is no one way to create a highly effective team – both in life and in business.