How Your Home Affects Your Mental Wellness

December can be a stressful month with the number of holiday activities to prepare for and often heavier workloads. That’s why January is the perfect time to destress, rejuvenate and focus on ways to help yourself relax – especially in your home!

How your home can affect your wellbeing

Since you spend the most time in your home, it’s a huge factor in your mental well-being. The environment you live in can significantly affect your wellness. From the amount of clutter in your home to the colours of the walls – it all matters. That’s why creating a healthy space to live in is incredibly important. The state of the environment you’re in can help you feel rested, calm and ready to face your day. It can also improve your mood, strengthen your focus and help you feel in control.

Tips for creating a positive home environment:

1. Have a designated space for socializing

How your living room is set up can actually affect the way people interact with one another.

Try having more chairs and couches for people to sit on and have them facing one another. Putting comfortable pillows and blankets on them can also help people feel more comfortable.

By having your living room feel more open, everyone in the house can feel more positive around each other.

2. Choose colours that work for you

When your home is feeling bright, so will you – so ditch the darker tones!

Colours affect your mood and behaviour. That’s why having lighter and brighter colours on your walls can improve the positive energy within your home. The colours of your furniture, like curtains and couches also matter.

3. Tidy up

When your environment is messy and chaotic, that can reflect in your mind!

Try to designate time every week to tidy up your house. If you find you don’t have enough space for all of your things, add in more shelves for storage, or donate anything you no longer use for extra feel-good points.

Once your home is neat and tidy, you will feel so much better!

4. Make a space to relax

This can be any space in your house, whether it’s a designated room or a spot in the backyard. Having a specific space designed for relaxation can help you improve your mood.

Customize this space to include what you need best to help you relax. Try adding a few scented candles, a speaker with calming music and even some mats for meditation and yoga.

5. Decorate your house with natural elements

Natural elements can boost your mood and atmosphere. If you have an outdoor area, try setting up a small space to help you relax.

If you prefer to stay indoors, try adding indoor plants or moving your workspace and bed near a window.

6. Improve your air quality

Your air quality directly impacts your wellness which is why it’s important to keep it clean.

Try investing in an air purifier, ventilating when you cook and take some time to dust down your shelves. All of this can truly make a difference!

The environment you live in directly impacts your mental wellness and wellbeing. That’s why creating a healthy space and choosing a home that best fits your lifestyle is essential to your overall happiness.

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