Got Kids? 6 Tips for Moving Into Your New Home (and Keep Your Sanity)

Yes! You’ve just bought the perfect new Vancouver home for your family… and now it’s time to move in. With more than 6 moves under our own belts, we know moving with kids isn’t a walk in the park. But with a little extra planning and organization, moving into your new home will be much easier for the whole family, and – dare we say it – it might even be fun!

The most important thing to remember when you’re moving into a new home with kids is to start everything early and be flexible when you can!

Here are our 6 top tips for a successful move with kids:

1. Make a moving week plan

Create a detailed schedule and plan for the 7 days leading up to your move. Include everything that still needs to get done, the meals you will need to make or order in, any activities your kids have planned, and who is going to be handling each of the outstanding tasks.

This plan will alleviate stress and help your kids know what to expect.

2. To-do lists

From your moving plan, create to-do lists that are customized for each family member. Keep your kids involved, even if it’s something small like packing their toys, or filling a backpack with colouring books to stay occupied on moving day. When you can get your kids involved – even in just a small way – they may be even more excited for the big move!

Here are a few things that you will want to include on your to-do lists:

  • Everything that needs to be packed
  • When items need to be packed
  • How the items should be properly packed
  • Who needs to pack which items

3. Colour-coded boxes

If you are tasking your kids with a packing chore, try using a colour-coded box method. Add a colourful piece of packing tape or sticker to a box that’s intended for a specific type of item. For example, toys go in the green box, clothes go in the pink box. Or give each kid their own colour, so they know all of their belongings go in the red box, for example.

This can help avoid confusion and assist in unpacking and finding important items at the other end of your move.

4. Off-load items

When you have less to pack, your move will be easier. So to help, a few weeks before your move, encourage your kids to sort their items into these three categories:

  • Items to keep
  • Items to sell
  • Items to donate

Empowering your kids to sort through their belongings to decide which items they no longer need will give them the opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ to old toys and clothes, which means there is less of a chance of tears down the line.

5. Offer incentives

No one likes working for free – kids included! For a successful move, offering fun incentives for helping is a great way to motivate your kids. It doesn’t have to be a big prize, it could be their favourite candy, or an extra hour of screentime, or maybe a new book or toy or bedspread for their new room.

6. Keep a positive attitude

Kids are perceptive and can really be affected by the attitude of the adults around them. Transitioning to a new home and a new neighbourhood can seem scary at first, but when the adults stay positive and offer lots of hugs and support, it can make all the difference!

Moving with kids can have its challenges, but early preparation and planning can help you have a smooth transition into your new home. To learn more about what you can expect the day before your move, take a look at our full guide.

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