Who is Team Kleiner?

Team Kleiner is Mary and Konstantin.

They are leaders in their community and are focused on building a real estate agency that represents their values.

The Kleiner name stands for integrity and values we can be proud of.

The Dynamic Duo

When Mary and Konstantin met it was a true balance of the scales. The Yin to the Yang. Through their personal experiences, business education, and entrepreneurial leadership, they were able to build a strong and growing family moving company – Kleiner Services.

Even with a thriving business, they were always looking for the next challenge and, this time around, this challenge was real estate.

Whether it is the moving and storage industry or real estate,  they stand by their core values of professional integrity, promoting leadership and education, and supporting the community.

Whether it is their marriage, family, business, or social network, these two can do it all and more.

Why Real Estate?

The transition into Real Estate made perfect sense to Konstantin and Mary. They are Vancouverites that are familiar with the real estate lifestyle and the endless demands it entails.

Being in the moving industry for over a decade, they have been in many homes and have spoken to families about their real estate experience. Everyone knows that the process of moving, buying, and selling a home is one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life.

Team Kleiner understands this struggle and wants to be there to support their clients every step of the way.

Why include moving services for free?

Buying and selling is already stressful. It is probably one of the largest transactions you will make in your lifetime. That puts a lot of responsibility on the realtor to do the right job.

Typically, once the job is done, realtors collect their commission and end the business relationship. But Team Kleiner doesn’t believe that is where the customer service should end. Being a young growing family and having moved many times in their lives, we want to take it a step farther and see you through the full journey – all the way home.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We would be happy to chat with you.

About Konstantin

Konstantin was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and came to Vancouver, BC in 1992 with his parents and older brother. As a child, he loved sports and loved being a part of a team. He values family and being a part of a supportive community. He extends these values and community aspects into his business practices.

If you know Konstantin, you know he is very personable and will never hesitate to provide support. He is a great listener and likes to find the best solution to the problem by using the resources and networks he has built.

Konstantin has a witty humour and always has a “dad joke” up his sleeve. It is his personal goal to discover the secret to life! If you ever meet Konstantin, he might ask you what your secret to life is.

Konstantin has always been known as someone with a big heart and smile. Konstantin’s main mission is being able to help others. When Konstantin bought his first home and started his own renovations, he saw lots of challenges and stresses that came along with it. Through hands-on experience from buying a home, renovating, and moving, Konstantin is able to share his knowledge to help others have a stress free experience.

About Mary

Mary was born in Calgary, Alberta, raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and settled in Vancouver, BC in the early 1990’s with her mother and sister. While growing up, moving almost every year, and being raised in a single parent household, Mary learned how to be adaptive and independent. This sparked and drove her interests in business and entrepreneurship.

Mary was born to lead. She has demonstrated that from her very first job at McDonald’s, working her way up to management, and at Starbucks where she went on to assist on the opening of corporate Metrotown Food Court Starbucks and a Starbucks franchise at Grouse Mountain Resorts.

Mary studied Business Management at BCIT and went on to become a personal organizer for large corporations. From there she met her better half, Konstantin, and they started Kleiner Services Inc, a Professional Moving Company.